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I met Rootz last year and immediately fell in love with the purpose. I believe that it makes all the difference that you can reconcile beauty and style with the environment. I am happy to know that I wear glasses that contribute to our world.

Wooden Sunglasses Customer Testimonial
Taina Gouvêa

When I was introduced to Rootz, I immediately went to read about the project and found it incredible. The models are for all tastes, I was in doubt which one to choose. It is very nice to contribute to the environment. I am happy to be a Rootz customer.

Wooden Sunglasses Customer Testimonial 2
Rafael Primani

My sunglasses are exectly as the images advertise. I loved the look, the lens and the frame. It is so light and the bamboo box is also amazing.

Wooden Sunglasses Customer Testimonial 3
Marcos Bento

Last year, I heard about a new brand of sustainable sunglasses, found it very interesting and started researching to find out more about this beautiful project.  As soon as I saw the models I fell in love, and I was very happy to know that I am contributing to the improvement of the environment.

Wooden Sunglasses Customer Testimonial 4
Bárbara Guerreiro

I have bonded with Rootz not only because of the comfy sunnies, but they have been supporting a social cause by helping reforestation in  Australia. I really recommend to everyone!

Wooden Sunglasses Customer Testimonial 5
Leonardo Victor

Rootz sunglasses are part of my daily life. The different styles produced by Rootz helped my boyfriend and I to match our styles. Rootz is a mandatory part of our sunny days.

Wooden Sunglasses Customer Testimonial 6
Hingrid Freitas

Sunglasses are amazing I really liked the style and I’m excited for the new collection. #wearrootz

Wooden Sunglasses Customer Testimonial 7
Victor Guimarães
Planted Trees Certificate

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