5 Activities you should do with your sunnies on

When it comes to dressing up for the occasion, your accessories play a huge part in your wardrobe selection. Not only does it add some pizzazz to your outfit, but there's also some function to it, especially with sunglasses.

The different activities we do daily require us to be either indoors or outdoors. When we do outdoor activities, such as sports-related pursuits like hiking, golfing, or even playing with our kids, our eyes need extra protection.

Besides protecting your skin, it's also vital that you take proper steps to protect your eyes. Not only that, wearing custom sunnies allows you to see things clearly amid the harsh rays of the sun, enabling you to see every move of every sport and keep you safe outdoors.

Activities You Should Do With Your Sunglasses On

  1. Driving 

Many people think that they don't need to wear their sunglasses just because they're inside their cars. The truth is, during the daytime, the blindingly low sun reflecting off any surface can make it incredibly challenging to drive. With that in mind, it can make you an unsafe driver, and you can put yourself at risk for accidents.


  1. Walking 

As mundane as it sounds, walking is one of the outdoor activities that require some eye protection. Sure, for some people, it can be a hassle to put on and off, but thankfully, there are transition custom sunnies available that can help manage the brightness of light in your surroundings. If you have light sensitivity, it's best to use these glasses so you can walk comfortably outdoors.


  1. Playtime With Your Kids

Outdoor time is crucial for kids because not only will they be immersed in nature, but they'll get to absorb delicious vitamin D from the sun. But of course, the sun's harmful rays can affect their eyes, and in fact, they have a greater risk of getting eye damage. For this reason, it's important that you and your little humans wear sunglasses when they're out.


  1. Cycling and Running

Much like driving, cycling—whether for leisure or as a sport—requires you to protect your eyes, so you don't get distracted by blinding light. Fortunately, there are wraparound sunglasses that stay put while you zoom into the streets. In addition, just like walking, you'll also need to wear glasses while you run so you can hit your distance without any eye discomfort.


  1. Other Outdoor Activities like Golf, Tennis, and Fishing

Golf, tennis, and fishing require you to stay outdoors for long periods. Because of this, it's only right that you make sure you protect your eyes. Fortunately, there are sunglasses made for these specific activities, so you can have a comfortable time with whatever activity you choose to do that day!


The Bottom Line: Protect Your Eyes While Doing Fun Outdoor Activities

There are a plethora of outdoor activities that can be extremely fun, but you shouldn't forget that your body needs the most protection during this time, especially your eyes. That's why you must have custom sunglasses on when you do these activities, no matter how mundane the tasks. Trust us—it'll help you see things clearly for years to come.


How Can Rootz Help You? 

We offer affordable sunglasses made of sustainably sourced bamboo wood. To top it off, we also make prescription sunnies on-demand, so you can wear sunnies fit for your optical needs. Rootz also offers free shipping across Australia, 30-day refunds and exchange, and a 12-month warranty.

Not to mention, we plant a tree and donates 10 percent of our profit for each pair sold. Check out our sunnies and protect your eyes and the earth today!

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